My Story

a brief bit about me

Hey, Darcey here with a little about why I started Mothermind

First a little background 

The only way I can describe my childhood would be character building. I’ll leave the ins and outs but safe to say, if you’ve experienced a less than desirable childhood you’ll understand and totally relate. 

As you might know. All children (even unborn), observe, listen and create a foundational self awareness and identity in their first thousand days. I was no different. My early experiences shaped a belief that vigilance, toughness and adaptability were the best part of my identity and became the story that shaped my world. This negatively affected my choices and the people I gravitated towards for a long time. 

Right up to one day, many years later. A mountain troll of adversity crashed through my door and in a pivotal moment, swept everything away. In one harrowing day.

However, I had life skills to deal with this.

24hrs later I stood, homeless, possessionless and nameless; and, telling my small wide eyed children we were on a big adventure, signed us into the women’s refuge. We had been through a horrible experience and was told we couldn’t contact anyone – not friends, not family, None of them knew what had happened or where we were. We fell off the face of the earth and literally vanished overnight. 

New Beginning

As one life ended, a new one started and from ground zero and I began to transform myself from the inside out and with it our new world began to reflect safety, opportunity, good friends, love and happiness. 

Before this, I’d never really thought about teaching or helping others. In fact, I steered well clear of anyone who reflected my previous experiences. But I realised we are all born into someone else’s story. We can choose to stay inside this story and keep on trying to fit the identity that are given to us from birth. Or, if current reality doesn’t bring you joy we can strip it back to find your true self. The self that is by nature, aware and in flow with peace, abundance and happiness. 

During my time of transformation. I went back into education; training at the prestigious Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery, cared for countless women & delivered so many babies. With the love of my life, David – we homeschooled our four amazing children, launched entrepreneurial projects, travelled the world, met incredible people and planted 100,000 trees.

Most importantly, I became an expert in maternal mental health, a clinical hypnotherapist and leader in advocating for maternal happiness. My expertise is continuously inspired by caring for countless mothers with increased stress and seeing the ongoing impact it has for women, their babies, their family, social network and society as a whole.

Why maternal happiness so important

I truly believe there is not enough support for maternal happiness and that mothers are the key for a happy, healthy future world for all of us.

The cycle of kindness, confidence and wellbeing of these future men and women is intrinsically linked by their mother’s happiness. Especially during pregnancy and the first 1000 days of life. Happy mothers raise happy kids, who grow up  and become happy confident mothers and fathers themselves. An upward spiral of wellbeing!


I’ve discovered my purpose is to reach and help stressed women. To help them discover, in the Mothermind, how to find a key to their peace, abundance and happiness.

If this is you. I not only want you to be happy because that’s what you deserve. I also want your children, (future and current) to benefit from your happiness and break the same cycles so many of us get trapped in. And, to show you the power you have to protect them and change the future for us all with your happiness.


Darcey xo

P.S. Get started on your own subconscious transformation, to peace, abundance and happiness by joining the Mothermind membership