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After many years working as a registered midwife and caring for thousands of women and their babies I became fascinated by the psychological factors that make or break the experience of becoming a mother.

I moved from from the drama of a labour ward to specialise in the area of maternal mental health and quickly learned that helping a woman ready her mindset for this huge transition is one the most important element in pregnancy but also one of the most overlooked. 

In my work for the NHS I see the massive demand of women struggling with many challenges. 

Quite often the challenges are not pregnancy related but they impact the experience nonetheless. 

Unfortunately, it’s no secret that midwives are a precious commodity these days, and their time even more so! What this means for many women is they may see different midwives for appointments who sadly just don’t have enough time to work through social and psychological challenges

There are big changes within maternal mental health, it is now widely recognised for its own importance. 

But the wheels of change move slowly and until there is more available access to care, women will continue to feel alone, scared and frustrated. 

This is the reason behind setting up Mothermind, a place to compliment routine antenatal care with continuity of professional support online.  

A little more about me, after training as a midwife at the Florence Nightingale School of Midwifery at Kings College London. 

I gained extensive experience in busy London hospitals and then moved to the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside as a perinatal specialist midwife for the NHS. 

I am certified in medical clinical hypnotherapy, prescribing and have undertaken a masters in advanced clinical practice. I am a mother of four and a first time grandmother – which really is the dream role!  

Someone said to me once, ‘you made a potentially traumatic experience into an empowering one’. 

This is the essence of what feeling well supported in pregnancy should be. It is my all consuming passion to make everything a little better wherever I can. I might not be able to help everyone but starting Mothermind will bring me a little closer, beyond anything I’ve dared to dream.


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