10 Ways To Have Fun When You Are Pregnant

10 Ways To Have Fun When You Are Pregnant

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Darcey Croft

Being pregnant can be a wild ride, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. But one of the most common things we hear is about the lack of fun pregnant women are having. So to help out here are a few suggestions:

1. Go on a pregnancy-friendly adventure – whether it’s hiking a local trail, trying out a new fitness class, or taking a road trip to a nearby destination.

2. Get creative with your cravings – instead of just satisfying your sweet tooth, try experimenting with new flavours and textures in your meals.

3. Connect with other pregnant mums – joining a pregnancy support group or online forum can be a great way to share experiences and tips, and make new friends.

4. Take care of yourself – make sure to prioritise self-care during your pregnancy, whether that’s getting a massage, practising meditation, or indulging in a relaxing bubble bath.

5. Have a pregnancy-themed movie night with your partner or friends. You could watch romantic comedies, funny movies, or even documentaries about pregnancy and childbirth.

6. Go to a prenatal yoga class or try some pregnancy-safe stretches at home. This can help you stay flexible and relaxed during your pregnancy.

7. Plan a pregnancy photoshoot. You could take some beautiful photos of your bump to remember this special time in your life.

9. Have a pregnancy-friendly date night with your partner. You could go out to dinner, see a show, or just spend some quality time together.

10. Dance and sing. You don’t need to be Beyonce and if you are particularly tone-deaf or have no rhythm, have a good laugh at yourself. The endorphins from movement and laughter are incredibly beneficial to you and your baby!

So, don’t be afraid to have fun and enjoy your pregnancy – it’s a special time in your life, and you deserve it!

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