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Use the power of your mind to overcome overwhelm, gain confidence & create a positive pregnancy experience. 

Use the power of your mind to overcome overwhelm, gain confidence & create a positive pregnancy experience. 

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For many new parents, the whole pregnancy experience can feel overcast with storm clouds, (or full on hurricane!). It can be hard to find an umbrella strong enough when you need it most.

It's all about finding calm in the chaos

How You Feel on the Inside Has the power to change the entirety of your life

The key to a positive experience in pregnancy and childbirth, lies in the mind’s hidden potential. Our mission is to awaken this potential for all new mothers so they can discover how powerful they really are. The unique Mothermind method teaches parents-to-be specialised guided imagery techniques and holistic relaxation skills to rewire their subconscious and negative programming, tap into their true potential and achieve their best pregnancy and birth experience.

  • Clarity

    Free your mind from unnecessary stress, unfounded fear & unwanted thoughts.

  • Confidence

    Discover your inner goddess and awaken the power within to navigate challenges on your terms.

  • Calm

    Deep relaxation techniques to enhance both mental & physical aspects of pregnancy and achieve better sleep.

"A bit like hypnobirthing on steroids"


Pregnancy can make extreme sports look like a walk in the park! The act of creating life, literally turns a woman into a highly tuned super being, and often there is no instruction manual to hand.

I can’t emphasise how important good quality support is for those times when you just don’t know what to do, or, what to expect.  Having a team around you to guide, advise, rally, cheerlead and reassure you. It can transform all experiences for the better. 

Take a heartbeat and consider who your key team members are and what role do they have. Don’t worry if you need help or there is only ‘I’ in your team, we got you! 

Get your free ‘Go Team ME’ template below and start building your best support team. 


Darcey Croft- Mothermind

Every day has new potential



Become confident and empowered

Becoming a new mum can be one of the most rewarding and joyous experiences. It’s a time filled with wonder and hope for the future.

At least thats what we’re told is how it should feel. But the reality couldn’t be further away for so many women. 

If you are pregnant and feeling less than what was sold to you on the brochure. Remember, that getting a little lost in the woods, it’s only natural to allow doubts and fears to creep in. This is exactly what a guide, aka a pregnancy coach is for, to help you find your way back to where you want to be. 

Find out what having a pregnancy coach can do for you

If you need support with your pregnancy you're not alone.

During this time of expectation, you may find yourself feeling apprehension rather than the relaxed and carefree experience you’d prefer to be having.

Mothermind is here for you. To uplift you on the down days with a consistant source of support when you need it most. 

Pregnancy coaching for all budgets


Creating care packages that can work for everyone is important to us. Building a team of support around you during pregnancy can make a huge difference to your experience. 

We have supported thousands of women with our wealth of experience, knowledge and skills in caring for every aspect of pregnancy and birth. So you can be reassured any information you receive is current and evidence based. 

 Having someone to check in on you and provide a compassionate and safe space for you to explore your worries and fears, can enhance routine antenatal care and give the continuity you need.

Our memberships offer unique packages, we put them together because this service is so needed and no one was offering this kind of 1-1 support for the psycological aspect of pregnancy. We have no contracts or tie ins, just a monthly membership to suit you for as long as you need.   

Mothermind has been created to make pregnancy support as affordable as possible. 
We are on a mission to help as many people as we can.

Personalised care and support from one of the leading pregnancy coaches in the UK

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Whatever the Challenge - You Got This!

Being pregnant can be a rollacoaster on your emotions. We’ll be here as part of your team, holding your hand and guiding you at everystep of the way. Our goal is to  reassure, encourage and motivate you when you need it the most. We want you to discover how confident, assured and totally awesome you truly are.

Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know there is strength inside you greater than any obstacle you may face. 


Mothermind is a place for people that would like extra support in pregnancy. A problem shared is a problem halved and having your own professional coach is sometimes exactly what helps mothers to overcome their worries and see them through empowered eyes. The benefits of being well supported in pregnancy reach far  and wide and can positivily impact you and your family’s future happiness. We’d love to be on your team!  

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