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Mothermind is for women on their motherhood journey

Whether you’re just starting out, or already pregnant, Mothermind is designed to support, empower and unlock the potential inside of you.

Get helpful tips, advice and inspiration from maternity professionals and maternal mental health experts

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We all have tough days

Sometimes, we need a reminder of how strong we are. Especially new mothers navigating through the incredible, (but sometimes scary) journey to motherhood.  

Sometimes, we need a reminder of how strong we are. Especially new mothers navigating through the incredible, (but sometimes scary) journey to motherhood  

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Online professional support for pregnancy, birth and beyond
You need never feel alone

Comprehensive Maternal Wellness Evaluation

Your Journey to Maternal Well-being Starts Here

Begin a journey of personalised care and support. This package is uniquely tailored to nurture and provide support during one of the most important times of your life

In-Depth Initial Consultation:

Delve into your unique wellness needs.

You're not a number

You're an amazing unique individual on your own journey. Your care should reflect this.
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Customised Wellness Plan:

Receive guidance on nutrition, mental health, exercise, and relaxation techniques tailored to you.

You're unique & amazing

You deserve a personalised plan tailored to help you achieve the experience you need.
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Ongoing Support:

Benefit from expert advice and adjustments to your wellness plan as needed.

You're not alone

You have access to affordable private and holistic maternity care. Without contract. Whenever you need it.
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Calm Waters ebook

"Possibly The Handiest Guide to Setup a Positive Birth Experience"

Calm Waters ebook

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Heart of the Mothermind

Hello! I am Darcey Croft, a midwife, advanced clinical practitioner, and a maternal mental health specialist. I’ve had the privilege of supporting thousands of women to navigate the biological, psychological and social challenges of pregnancy, labour and birth. 

This experience has given me an intimate understanding of women’s unique struggles and challenges during this transformative time. 

It’s more than a job to me—it’s about offering the support and planning needed to mitigate risks, allowing women to spend less time tangled in worry and more time basking in the joy and anticipation of their baby’s arrival.

Maternal mental health is essential, yet often, resources are scarce. With this platform, I can extend my expertise and insights to help as many women as possible to replace the cycle of worry, fear and overwhelm with empowerment and well-being, ensuring mothers everywhere have the support they deserve.


Each month I take on a limited number of clients who want to transform their mothermind

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the power of good support

Work With Darcey 1:1

A 1:1 call is a powerful tool to provide additional continuity for your journey. Continuity is a proven aid in positive birth experiences. Don't waste any more time trying to figure things out on your own. Book a 1:1 call today and start seeing results.

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