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Create a foundation for happiness & lifelong wellbeing for you & your baby.   

Get Ready for Motherhood

Mentally prepare for Pregnancy, birth & Beyond



Get the hang of simple things like breathing & meditation and the not quite so simple like resilience, reducing anxiety & getting quality nights sleep



Take a deep dive into topics that may be encountered the journey and get prepared to overcome any challenge with ease

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Peaceful Mind

Just hit play on any of our guided audio meditations to interrupt spiraling thoughts, de-stress and recenter—in as little as 10 minutes. 

Mothers helping mothers

Team up

We all have valuable experience, no matter where we are on our journey and we all need help from time to time. 

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inner strength


What may keep you up late at night and worried about for days, weeks and months, can melt away in minutes with the right answers.

A MotherMind Membership makes it really easy and fun to reduce stress — because it gives you flexible structure and guidance. You’re never on your own. And the moment you join, you become part of a supportive community within the mothermind who are on a similar life journey as you. 

Come get the coaching and support you need to truly free your mothermind!

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Your Chaos to Contentment Pathway

Some say creating life and bringing it into this world is like a battle. They are not wrong.

Pregnancy and birth is raw, complex and challenging. Internal conflicts, relationship, finances, physical and emotional stresses lay ahead. But also, an abundance of joy, pride, rapture, love and wonder is freely available for those that can see it. 

If you are looking for a fluffy, cotton wool wrapped pregnancy guide you may not be in the right place. But if you’re looking for strategic support to get you battle ready using kindness, compassion and resilience. This is the place for you.

challenge disguised as surprise

A surprise by its very nature is a challenge. Once the initial shock subsides you have to mentally process and think about your next move. In the case of a surprise party – you may beam with joy and greet your guests. But, other surprises are more challenging and need greater thought.

And, that’s ok. 

When you know what to expect, what obstacles you will face. The things that can catch you by surprise and knowing who you need on your team. Things won’t be quite so daunting. 

embracing change!

Every day brings new changes. For many change can be scary. 

We teach you how to embrace change and reduce stress by knowing how to cope with the unexpected. Instead of obsessing over the things we can’t change, we work on the things we can; attitude, energy and mindset. 

Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters of our lives won’t have a title until much later. 

Bonding is amazing but when it not it sucks.

Connection is everything and the bond between you and your new baby start early and is the best thing in the world. Is what we are told. 

Many women feel something must be wrong with them if they do not feel the bonding straight away. Guilt and anxiety set in making it harder to feel connected. We can help with this. 

Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard and valued. 

peaceful mind joyous heart!

At the heart of contentment and happiness is peace and joy. 

By learning to create the right climate in your body, mind and emotion. Your health, wellbeing and happiness – everything will be taken care of. 

Frustration, depression and discouragement mean you are working against yourself. 


When it comes to health and wellbeing, exercise is about as magical a potion you can get. 

Exercise is not just for the body, it can have an enormous impact on your mood. In fact it is thought exercise can be just as effective as anti-depressants in the treatment of anxiety and depression. 

Exercise not only changes your body. It changes your mind, your attitude and your mood. 

Nutrition, diet and vitamins!

Your body has its own innate wisdom when it comes to nutrition. Even if some of its messages get drowned out in a sea of temptation, especially when you are pregnant or feeling the need for comfort. 

The trick is to stay one step ahead of temptation with delicious healthy choices and nutrious food. 

Because, good food choices are good investments in yourself and your baby’s health and wellness

Let's talk about challenge!

Our most significant opportunities will be found in times of greatest challenge. The question isn’t what the challenge is, it’s how confident you are to handle it. 

Preparation is key and having somewhere to find the knowledge, skills and resources to overcome anything is what you get from preparation. 

An umbrella won’t stop the rain but it will help you stand out in the rain. Confidence might not bring your first vision of success but it gives us the power to face any challenge and succeed anyway.

Its all Figure outable!

Using the Mothermind 7 pillars of wellbeing, all things are much easier to navigate, overcome and embrace. Join the Mothermind and turn chaos into contentment in five easy steps.

 Simple strategies and social connection to help you find harmony, peace and contentment in your pregnancy. 

Less stress. More harmony.

"For me, joining the mothermind was brilliant. I have learnt so much and become so much less anxious"

It's Me, Darcey...

Here is a bit about me

Following in the footsteps of five generations of nurses, albeit slightly rebelling and becoming a midwife instead. I trained at the historic Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery in London.  

My career as a midwife gives me a rich and diverse experience through helping countless women and their families navigate pregnancy and childbirth. Years of experience on labour ward delivering countless new lives, I couldn’t help but notice the connection between fear & birth outcome. 

I became fascinated in learning how to build mother’s confidence and teaching them to overcome their fears. So, I became a specialist in maternal mental health. To better serve women and their families, helping them cope with the many mental challenges childbirth brings. 

Since then I have undertaken a masters degree in Advanced Clinical Practice. Trained as a clinical hypnotherapist with some of the best teachers in the world. Studied human behaviour and body language from CIA/Mi6 spy trainers. Meditation from tibetan monks. Spirituality from Shamans. Resilience from navy seals. And in countless personal discussions with my clients and hearing their stories.  I have felt the depths of human suffering, the blissful heights of joy and the triumphs of human achievement through the experiences of these brave inspirational women. 

Through obsessive learning, I believe our conscious and subconscious thoughts can literally manifest reality. Given the tools, we can edit and even rewrite our stories to whatever life or situation we desire. 

I can guide you. I can help you manifest the life within and surround it with an abundance of light, love and happiness, The best elements for a happy life.  

For mothers, having peace of mind is liberating. By changing the things we tell ourselves, by reframing situations and taking small but mighty actions. We can transform our mindset to find peace, freedom and good mental health. 

The freedom to enjoy a pregnancy, the freedom to release the mental blocks holding you back and the freedom to own your birth journey whatever the path. These are some of the reasons I get passionate about the power of your mind! 

I am here to serve you. My belief in your potential comes from a place of light, an inspiration of what is possible. I believe no matter what your current obstacles are. You have the power within you to change your story and by doing so change your world. 

Light & love


Happiness Cannot be far behind a grateful heart & a peaceful Mind

The Mothermind Pathway

A Complete Solution for Wellbeing

We structure the content for the Mothermind path to support your journey of motherhood and your whole being—body, mind and spirit. Here’s what that looks like


Using Motherminds 7 Pillars of Wellbeing, take a life audit and find out where you are struggling most. 

Discover what is draining your energy and holding you back – and do it on purpose. 


Understanding and acceptance moves us toward to forgiveness. And, when we forgive, we allow peace to reign.

But first, you might need to give yourself permission to be happy. Even if this means getting out of your own way to do so.


We can be surrounded by people and still feel alone. By improving skills in communication we can feel more valued, seen and heard. 

And in creating those special bonds you crave and improving human connection; this is your key to reducing stress and increasing happiness.  


Human behaviour flows from three main sources: desire, emotion and knowledge. The power to transform, grow and blossom confidence lies within knowing. 

In this part of the Mothermind path we show you the best strategies and give you expert information to bring about harmony, calm and confidence. 


This is what it is all about. Finding contentment, peace of mind and joy so you can enjoy your pregnancy, have a calm confident birth and surround your little one with the best foundation for their future mental and physical health. 

Take a contentment audit and with renewed self awareness know how to tweak your self-development. Use your new skills and community to keep on strengthening your best life. 

Get the Elements You Need to Practice Consistent Self-Care & Enjoy the Journey of Motherhood

All too often self care gets the back seat behind everything else. You are so busy looking after everyone else your needs come last. When you put yourself first and you eat better, sleep better and think kinder thoughts about yourself. The world changes for the better.

Come and get the coaching and support you need to truly take care of yourself and your mothermind.

it's not Selfish to do what's best for you

invest in Yourself

Having an expert midwife to reach out to and ask all the things I am worrying about is so worth joining for. I’m pregnant for the first time and I want someone who has seen it all firsthand and can tell me all the things I need to know. 

~ Megan G.


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Something most people don’t know is that a person’s surroundings affect mood changes. Not just our geographic location or neighborhood, but your house, living room, office, etc. They all play a part in your temperament on both a conscious and unconscious level. Surroundings affect mood changes and happiness levels.


Emotions are powerful. Your mood determines how you interact with people, how much money you spend, how you deal with challenges, and how you spend your time.
Gaining control over your emotions will help you become mentally stronger. Fortunately, anyone can become better at regulating their emotions.


Your guiding beliefs, principles and values give direction to your life. Gaining clarity on these and learning how better to use meaning and purpose to make good choices with integrity; this can greatly improve your sense of wellbeing and happiness. 


Social wellness involves having a strong social network around you to give you support and guidance when you are feeling stressed. What’s more this network can introduce you to new friends with interests aligned with yours. 


With planning and creative budgeting, freedom from financial stresses can be achieved. Learning how to make the most of what we have and anticipating our future needs can take a huge load off our daily stress burden.


It’s no mystery that taking care of your physical well-being is extremely important to your health and happiness. Yet, the average woman leads a busy stressed-out life which puts her health and wellness on the back burner. Developing healthy habits is the best way to support you and your baby, in many ways more than you know. 


Self-appreciation in feeling prepared with knowledge and being able to make good plans will boost your confidence. If you have a good sense of self-worth, your ability to build mutual and harmonious relationships with other people improves and your confidence in challenges that you’ve prepared for increases. 

Live life as though everything is rigged in your favour

Believe in yourself

Darcey taught me to let go, believe in myself and my body. I am enjoying my pregnancy much more because I feel like I’ve a guide that is always there for me. 

~ Precious B.

Your MOTHERMIND Membership Includes:

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We’re working on a brand new members’ area and finalising the Mothermind Success Path experience that will be released by October 1st.

However, all other elements (like Expert MotherMind class sessions, Monthly Guided Meditations, Group Coaching Calls, Q&A’s, and other surprises) will be taking place and we will be in regular contact via the community and email so you’re always up to speed.

As you know, we love to surprise and delight so trust me when I say that you’re going to love what we have planned.

Wait, I've got Questions

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The Mothermind is your new wellness home AKA a private membership community, where you can…

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Thousands of wonderful people have already joined, and the energy is amazing. I love our MM family, and you will too!

It’s for you, beautiful! This membership is for anyone who wants regular guidance, motivation, inspiration and support to pursue a lifestyle of wellness. Need some help staying focused on healthy living during these unsteady times? Need joyful people to cheer you on? We’ve got you!

It’s just $19.99 a month. This is a founding members price, lowest we’ll ever offer this membership. We can’t give it away for free (though I wish we could!), but we want it to be as affordable and accessible to everyone as it can be in this COVID season.

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You will get inspiring, new content every month (recipes, coaching with Darcey, mindset training, meditations and much more!).

That’s not possible. There’s no pressure to “keep up” every month or checklist to follow. Think of the Mothermind as a lovely library to support your self-care. Check out one tool at a time and, when you’re ready, come back for more.

Access is easy: You can log in from your phone, tablet or computer. Streaming from your laptop? You’re good to go with Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge.

When you’re off the grid, you can still access any of the materials that you previously downloaded to your computer. For any of the videos which are non-downloadable, you’ll need a strong internet connection to access your membership.

Mothermind is for anyone who wants to reduce stress, anxiety and chaos from their life. We focus on the time around childbirth but you could be at any stage; preconception – pregnancy or beyond. The tools and advice will be equally informative and supporting to both women and their partners. 

In the Mothermind membership, you can get ongoing coaching and mentoring from Darcey, as well as monthly coaching from our experts, plus a monthly audio meditation, recipes and more. In short, Mothermind is your all-in-one solution for preparing for your new life. 

Yes, it is! The membership content and Facebook community are all online and can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

Good news: Your membership can go with you from your home to anywhere in the world. You can stream the audios and videos from your favorite device with a strong internet connection.

No, it isn’t. We encourage you to join the Facebook group, where a majority of our members connect with one another. But, for those of you who prefer not to be on Facebook, all monthly materials are shared inside our dedicated website.

We believe that a series of small choices over time are the key to living a healthy and vibrant life. Whether you’re already thriving, have a chronic illness or have unique needs (are an athlete, breastfeeding, etc.), our membership will give you the tools and inspiration to keep you connected, supported and informed to make the best health and wellness choices. Mothermind is not to replace traditional health care and but its holistic approach is the best “supplement” out there to support you in addition. 

All recipes included in the Mothermind use plants only—no animal products. We’re positive you’ll love our mouth-watering, life-giving recipes. They’re a great way to increase your intake of power-packed plants, even if you’re not vegan or are new to cooking. Plus, our recipe development team crafts and tests them with you in mind so they are all simple, quick and delicious!

Yes, your payments will automatically process once a month (or once a year for annual purchasers) on the same day you registered, or very close to it. For more details please see our Membership Policy.

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